Henry Cavill knows Man Of Steel reaction was “mixed”

Henry Cavill teases how far Superman can go in Batman V Superman

It’s fair to say that the reaction to Zack Snyder’s Man Of The Steel was a little…mixed, and that fact hasn’t passed Henry Cavill by.

“The reception of my first Superman movie, from what I’ve read, was fairly mixed,” he told Cineplex. “Everyone I’ve spoken to enjoyed the movie, but [not] unlike if you’re going to meet a stranger in the street, they’re not going to badmouth you to your face.”

However, he went on to say that the latest chapter in Supes’ saga isn’t an attempt at course correction.

“There’s no intentional move, I don’t think, in Batman V Superman to address any issues that people had with Man of Steel. It’s just a continuation of that storyline and they continue to develop that world and introduce new characters.”

That development is what Cavill is particularly excited about, as he enthuses about the chance to dig a little deeper into Kal-El.

“I think maybe people may look down on some popular-culture stuff, but they’re actually very complicated and interesting characters,” he said. “Superman especially, he’s just wonderfully rich and one of those things, for me, that’s just enjoyable to play. There’s so far you can go with it; if you really, really delve deep into the character, there’s so much you can do. It’s just about exploring it within the vehicles and finding what you want to do. He’s going to have some very interesting character development in this one.”

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The question of just how much Superman is going to be in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is a legitimate one, given the introduction of Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Will this really still work as Man Of Steel 2? Either way, we are definitely intrigued to see what Snyder does with these characters, particularly the new additions.

“Following his titanic struggle against General Zod, Metropolis has been razed to the ground and Superman is the most controversial figure in the world. While for many he is still an emblem of hope, a growing number of people consider him a threat to humanity, seeking justice for the chaos he has brought to Earth.

As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, Superman is clearly a danger to society. He fears for the future of the world with such a reckless power left ungoverned, and so he dons his mask and cape to right Superman’s wrongs.

The rivalry between them is furious, fuelled by bitterness and vengeance, and nothing can dissuade them from waging this war. However, a dark new threat arises in the form of a third man: one who has a power greater than either of them to endanger the world and cause total destruction.”

Batman V Superman is in UK cinemas from 25 March. Get all the latest superhero news with every issue of SciFiNow.